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Dear Yuletide Author (2019)

Dear darling author,

Hello and it's lovely to meet you!! First thing's first: I'm a rambler and I tried to keep it short but ... As usual, I'd like to say that optional details are optional, so please feel free to do your thing and don't feel pressured whatsoever by my scrawling thoughts and musings. These are just ideas and suggestions, and you are fabulous for doing Yuletide!! My feelings for general likes et al haven't changed much the past few years, so it's mostly the same as my last few Yuletides. Hobey ho, let's go!

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WIP Bang: Art for "winter is coming (hear me roar)" by salazarastark

A/n: Another WIP Bang art post!! This'll be the last art post for this Bang, though I might come back and post my WIP Bang fic + the art I recieved from Ragna (the fanmix is awesome, you guys, so I need to share it far and wide). Anyways, so for this one, I was first intrigued by the pairing - y'all know how I lov a rare pair. ;P

I originally created a version with TV Cersei and Ned, even though this story takes places decades before the timeline of the show. Then Salazara shared her fabulous fancast version of young Cersei and young Ned, and I loved them! :D (Even better, I was able to find some decent pictures for them, haha.) So the MAIN art is the fancast version, but I thought I'd include the alternate version just for fun, too. ;D

Fic title: Winter is Coming (Hear Me Roar)
Fic summary: Ned Stark and Cersei Lannister are made to marry after the Rebellion ends.

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WIP Bang: Art for "Serendipity & Coincidence" by afteriwake

A/n: My next project for WIP Bang, this one is for the lovely afteriwake. I'm a sucker for a cool crossover pairing, and this one with Molly/McCoy caught my eye, so I had to snap it up and check it out. Plus, I found out Ragna has been working like crazt to do art and fanmixes for all the unclaimed art on top of her own fics and claims, and I am genuinely so glad to be able to create something for her in return. :D

Fic title: Serendipity & Coincidence
Fic summary: Bones knows one thing: he likes Dr. Molly Hooper and doesn't want his friendship with her to change...even if the voice in the back of his head says he'd like more than just a friendship with the female Starfleet officer. But a dare from Jim leads to more than he had expected and certainly more than he wanted...or could ever have hoped for.

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WIP Bang: Art for "Minus One" by Alobear

A/n: I took on a few projects for WIP Bang this year - including finishing one of my own fics wooooot! - and this is the first one. A great little ol' Monster of the Week type fic, starring the fabulous Jody Mills, and the boys on an unintentional hunt gone wrong. Even after I read the whole rough draft, the moment at the beginning where Dean collapses in Jody's yard was still the one that stuck out to me the most. Thanks to alobear for being a lovely partner!! \o/

Fic title: Minus One
Fic summary: When Dean turns up on Jody's doorstop, injured and alone, Jody has to work with Bobby to figure out what happened and find Sam.
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Supernatural/J2 Big Bang: Art for "Covered in Wilderness" by geeky_ramblings

A/n: I always love being a part of the spn_j2_bigbang because everyone is so wonderfully supportive and encouraging to each other, so when I saw a great-sounding summary about Mary, John, and Bobby, I had to get my hands on it!! So I scooped up a nice little ol' fic by geeky_ramblings. After reading the whole thing, the parts that stuck out to me most were the visions of Azazel that Mary is plagued with, and knew I wanted to try to art one of those visons. And this is what I came up with!! :)
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Dean Winchester Big Bang: Art for "Big Dreams & Broken Hearts" by a-winchester-fairytale

A/n: Welp, to the surprise of no one, I a) am currently swallowed by school hahahahagasphah, and b) HAD to do something for the deanwbigbang despite uh, not really having...time...to...because DEAN. XD

I scooped up a lovely Western AU by @a-winchester-fairytale, and as soon as I found a particular picture of Dean, I KNEW it had to be the focal point of the art. It was too perfect?! Anyways, I wish I had time do more pieces for this lovely fic, but here's what I have in any event. The world should always have more Dean-as-a-cowboy stuff, amiright? And for the "cast" art, I wanted to emulate really old photos, as if this was a collection found in someone's attic inside a dusty, peeling, weathered, old trunk. ;)

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SPN Reverse Bang Art: "Drowning"

A/n: For this one, my author unfortunately was unable to complete the story in time, but I figured I'd go ahead and post the prompt art I made anyways so it could be included in this year's masterlist over at spn_reversebang. I wanted to create the image of Dean drowning, but wanted to leave it up to the authro to decide whether he was literally, physically drowning or if it was something mental/emotional (overwhelmed, grief, etc?), or even something else entirely (a djinn/monster/illusion, who knows!).

And hey, if anyone feels like they need a prompt and want to write a fic for this... GO FOR IT and link me! ;D

*scurries back to mountain of final projects*


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SPN Reverse Bang 2018: Art for "Familiar Longing"

A/n: I'm up to my neck in final projects at school, so I'm just jumping in here quick (ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT TILL I'M FREE FOR CHRISTMAS AUGH) to post my art for the Reverse Bang! Big thanks to the mods for running spn_reversebang, and to backrose_17 for writing fic. :D

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Dear Yuletide Author (2018)

Dear lovely, lovely author,

Hi!! So first thing's first: I'm a rambler and I tried to keep it short but ... Ya. As usual, I'd like to say that optional details are optional, so please feel free to do your thing and don't feel pressured whatsoever by my scrawling thoughts and musings. These are merely ideas, and you are wonderful!! My feelings for general likes et al haven't changed much the past few years, so it's mostly the same as my last couple Yuletides, though I wasn't able to play last year, and of course expect I will be matched with someone new, so here we go!

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WIP Bang: Art for "Only Human After All" by impala_chick

A/n: So I planned to post this shortly after the official posting date...and promptly forgot. XD So I'm here now, before I descend back into the void (school) - where did summer go?????

I love doing art for wipbigbang, and there was as always, lots of goodies to choose from. Since I was feeling pretty burnt out from school, I decided to only do art for one WIP Bang fic this year. But, the second I laid eyes on impala_chick's summary, I gasped hard and scrambled to claim it. Another Teen Wolf/SPN crossover? Yes. Rufus hunting with Allison? Yesss. STILES/ALLISON?! YES YES YES. I had to have it, and the fic is fab! I'm so glad I got to art for it, and my author partner was fab too. :D

Fic title: Only Human After All
Fic summary: Lydia told her she wasn't going to escape the nogitsune, and Allison felt prepared for that. But then Scott died and she didn't, and she has to figure out how to keep on living. She turns to hunting, knowing it's something she can do far away from Beacon Hills. Her dad's friend Rufus takes her under his wing, and she lets her grief and anger fuel her missions. And then Stiles shows up at a ghost hunt, and Allison's perspective changes. He might not be such a bad partner, but what would it mean to keep him in her life?

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